Shining Seas Imports


With decades of experience in the probiotics industry, we would like to offer you the whole line of Probiotics raw ingredients (Culture concentrate). Our products covering the whole range of probiotics applications from Healthcare, Dietary Supplement, Food and Agriculture etc. Following are the key characteristics of our probiotics.

•18 to 24 months’ shelf life with real time stability data available
•Unique fermentation includes non-GMO, Allergen free and Gluten free probiotics.
•Flexible potency level can be provided based on client required
•Production lines are ISO/HACCP/NSF-cGMP/FDA-GMP certified
•Kosher and Halal Certified
•Dosage forms also available e.g. Liquid Probiotic Drops (for infants and Children), Powder, DR Capsules and Tablets.


SGL Probiotics Raw Materials Price List 01232017