Moringa Seed Protein Powder (Organic)

Pack Size: 25kg
Origin: India
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Special Order?: No

Known as ‘The Miracle Tree,’ Moringa is one of nature’s most nutritious foods. Native to India, Moringa has been advocated as a nutrient dense and indigenous source of plant-based protein containing 46 powerful antioxidants, 9 vitamins, 9 minerals, 90 nutrients and 18 amino acids. Moringa’s beneficial properties have been found to promote energy and mental clarity.

Moringa Seed Protein Powder is obtained from the ground seed kernel after the seeds are cold-pressed for oil. The powder is 100% pure, contains 60% protein and has been used as protein supplement. Moringa Seed Protein Powder contains all eight essential amino acids (phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, methionine, leucine, and lysine). Additionally, cysteine (or sulphur-containing amino acids), tyrosine (or aromatic amino acids), histidine and arginine are required by infants and growing children.

Moringa Seed Protein Powder is also used to treat water on two levels, acting both as a coagulant and an antimicrobial agent. It is generally accepted that Moringa works as a coagulant due to positively charged, water-soluble proteins, which bind with negatively charged particles (silt, clay, bacteria, toxins, etc.) allowing the resulting “flocs” to settle to the bottom or be removed by filtration. The antimicrobial aspects of Moringa continue to be researched. Findings support the removal of microorganisms by coagulation as well as acting directly as growth inhibitors of the microorganisms. While there is ongoing research being conducted on the nature and characteristics of these components, it is generally accepted that treatments with Moringa solutions will remove 90-99.9% of the impurities in water.

Moringa Seed Protein Powder is excellent as a protein powder, a feed for animals and to purify water. After Moringa Oil extraction, the remaining part of Moringa Seed is crushed in to powder.

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