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Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is a versatile plant with a myriad of health-enhancing properties confirmed by research.

Scientists around the world are working on Rooibos to gain a better understanding of this unique, South African herbal tea. Some are investigating the health benefits of Rooibos and its potential to combat a range of diseases, while others are trying to understand exactly how the bioactive components in Rooibos work.

Most Rooibos researchers recommend using the complete Rooibos extract (tea) rather than taking individual, isolated compounds.

Rooibos studies from South Africa showed that people can get the optimum health benefit from drinking six cups of Rooibos spread throughout the day.

Key facts about the composition of Rooibos, and the importance of its compounds, can be summarized as follows:

  • Rooibos contains a complex mix of many flavonoids (compounds widely found in plants that are known to have health benefits).
  • Its composition is unique, because it contains aspalathin – to date only isolated from Aspalathus linearis (the botanical name for Rooibos).
  • Aspalathin is the major flavonoid of unfermented Rooibos. It decreases during fermentation, but is still a major flavonoid constituent of fermented Rooibos (the tea with the characteristic red-brown color and flavor).
  • Aspalathin is important, not only because it is a novel compound, but also because it is the most active antioxidant in Rooibos in many cases.
  • Rooibos also contains the rare flavonoid glucoside nothofagin.
  • Other major phenolic compounds are orientin and iso-orientin, with smaller amounts of vitexin and isovitexin and many more compounds.
  • The flavonoid composition of Rooibos varies between different regions and seasons, probably due to different soil and climate conditions, as well as genetic variations in the seeds used to propagate the plant.
  • Rooibos is naturally caffeine free.
  • It is considered a low tannin beverage, especially when compared to Camellia sinensis (black) tea.
  • Rooibos has a soothing effect on babies suffering from colic, stomach cramps and restlessness. It also helps with nappy rash, relieving irritation when applied with every diaper change.

  • Rooibos supplements the daily intake of calcium, manganese and fluoride needed by growing children for strong teeth and bones.

  • The lack of caffeine means a pregnant woman can drink Rooibos throughout the day without worsening some of pregnancy’s biggest discomforts – nausea, heartburn and insomnia.

Product Descriptions & Packaging Specifications

Product Description Pack Size
Organic Superior Rooibos (Short Cut) Rooibos Superior Short Cut is our most popular product.
The medium sized particles and even particle size distribution offers great versatility in application.
18 kg bags
 Organic Superior Rooibos (Long Cut) Rooibos Superior Long Cut has a longer cut particle than Rooibos Superior Short Cut. Its good appearance and physical properties makes it ideal for blending with pieces of fruit and flowers. 14.5 kg bags
Organic Superior Rooibos (Fine Cut) Rooibos Fine Cut comprises the finer cut portion of the crop.
This grade has a strong Rooibos character.
18 kg bags
Organic Green Rooibos (Fine Cut) Green Rooibos Fine Cut consists of finely cut, freshly dried pieces of leaves and thin stems of Aspalathus linearis.
Its green and mildly grassy taste makes it ideal for flavoring.
With a slightly more astringent taste compared to Green Rooibos Loose Leaf, it also makes a refreshing drink when used unflavored.
16.5 kg bags
Organic Green Rooibos (Loose Leaf) Green Rooibos Loose Leaf consists of particles that are longer in cut length than Green Rooibos Fine Cut.
Its appearance and soft green taste makes it ideal for mixing with dried pieces of fruit and flower petals.
16.5 kg bags


  • Loose leaf tea, teabags, RTDs (ready-to-drink beverages)

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Hints & Tips


  • Storage: Rooibos can be stored in an airtight container for a long period without losing its color or taste.
  • Reheat: Cold Rooibos can be reheated several times, without developing a bitter after taste like Ceylon (black) tea.


  • Nutrition: The mineral content of Rooibos will increase the nutritional value of any dish.
  • Food preparation: A supply of prepared Rooibos can be kept in the fridge. Use it in food preparation and for diluting fruit juice or concentrates.
  • Iced tea: Make delicious iced tea by mixing chilled Rooibos with sugar and lemon juice, or blending it with your favorite fruit juice.
  • Recipes: Substitute Rooibos for milk or water in any recipe.
  • Dessert: Give your family a healthy, mouth-watering dessert by baking apples in Rooibos instead of water. Place the apples in a baking dish, pour Rooibos around them and spoon it over the apples occasionally while baking.
  • Dried fruit: Soak dried fruit overnight in Rooibos. No additional sugar will be needed when cooking.
  • Marinades and tenderizers: Use Rooibos as a base in marinades for meat and chicken, as it is a natural meat tenderizer.
  • Stews and casseroles: Replace the liquid in stews and casseroles with Rooibos. It not only adds a rich flavor, but also tenderizes the meat.
  • Sauces: Add Rooibos to sauces for extra flavor, and use it to dissolve stock cubes.


  • Hair coloring: Give dark hair a healthy gleam by rinsing it with Rooibos.
  • Refreshing treatment: Place cold Rooibos teabags on tired or red eyes to soothe them.
  • Skin: Rooibos is an excellent skin refresher. Wash your face with Rooibos instead of water to improve the complexion and skin tone.

First aid

  • Skin: To treat eczema, skin irritations or nappy rash, apply Rooibos directly to the affected area.
  • Sunburn: Remove the sting from a sunburned skin by soaking in a bath to which you’ve added a few Rooibos teabags.
  • Sleeplessness: Suffer from insomnia? A cup of Rooibos before bedtime will ensure a good night’s rest.
  • Digestive problems and colic: Calm down digestive problems and colic in adults and babies with regular Rooibos drinks.

Gardening and home

  • Pets: Bathe pets in a solution of Rooibos to relieve eczema and other mild skin problems. Pets will also benefit from Rooibos’ health-giving properties – simply pour it over their food.
  • Garden: Potted plants flourish on cold Rooibos. Use leftover tea and/or leaves to feed your plants.
  • Dyes: Rooibos can be used to dye fabrics. The strength of the brew and the time the fabric is soaked will affect the depth of the color – a lovely rich, reddish brown.